The Art of Wind ™


Out of the world of kinetic art, Peerless Wind Systems has created an artistic yet very energy efficient small wind turbine for the urban and other markets

Peerless Wind Systems is a different kind of company. Not some monolith actually located in China, Peerless Wind was conceived in America, founded in America, and made in America. In fact, our manufacturing team also works with the United States Navy on its nuclear submarines.

The Peerless turbine and alternator are the brainchild of a world-renown kinetic artist who has worked with wind for more than 40 years, and a serial technology entrepreneur who has successfully launched 8 start-ups in fields like wireless telecommunications, electronically tintable window technology and the Internet of Things.

The Peerless Wind systems helix turbine is more than just a pretty face. Thomas Bakke Laursen, who spent 12 years with Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, says "There is no other turbine with the same aesthetic and efficient design enabling it to produce energy at a very low wind speed."

Finally, a renewable energy solutions provider based on true innovation and true transparency in a field that has been overrun with hype and unfulfilled claims for a decade.

We have integrated several innovations into our small-scale vertical axis wind turbine system. The turbine drives our custom designed, patent-pending electric generator which incorporates technologies never before used in electric generators to deliver a high level of efficiency in converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

We create value for our customers by delivering on-site energy generation capability that enables customers to achieve benefits such as energy cost reductions, energy independence and security, and power in remote locations, among others.

Peerless is peerless. It's the Art of Wind™. Our knowledgeable team includes engineers and advisors with deep experience in wind turbines and sustainable energy all over the world. Come meet our founders and advisors and find out more.

Kinetic Artist Robert Perless Video

Artist and Chief Innovation Officer of Peerless Wind Systems (PWS) discusses the inspiration that lead to the creation of the wind turbine design. He shows many of the large scale kinetic art sculptures that he has created and placed around the USA. At the 4:45 mark he shows the testing of many prototype wind turbines that lead up to the creation of the PWS Wind Turbine design.