Log into the data center to view current and historic data from any PWS wind turbine

Peerless Wind Systems operates a central monitoring, performance and maintenance center that oversees all of the wind turbines it installs worldwide

The control electronics that determine the proper amount of electrical energy that can be drawn out of the turbine at any point in time, and insures that the turbine is slowed down in very high wind situations, also supports internet connectivity. This allows data to be streamed from each turbine and back to the PWS control center.

The control center can read data coming from the remote sensors built into each turbine, to insure that it is operating nominally. If any unusual conditions occur, the automated software at the control center alerts monitoring staff of potential maintenance that may be required at a site so proper people may be dispatched.

The control center also analyzes operational data from each site and provides customers with online real time and historic data indicating how each turbine is performing. Among the wealth of information it gathers or calculates, is the wind speed and electrical output continually.

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